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Native American Smudging Kit

Native American Smudging Kit
Native American Smudging Kit

3 White Sage Fire Flowers Smudging Kit | Smudge Kit with Abalone Shell, Stand, Instructions, Blessings & Blue Agate Bracelet

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Native American Smudging Kit Love it!! As soon as I opened the package I could smell the fresh sage. I’m so in love with how beautifully the bundles are wrapped I didn’t want to burn them. I have burned the lavender (lavender is one of my favorite scents) bundle and the two smelled amazing together.

The shell is larger than I expected and beautiful as well. The bracelet was also a plus! I’m a ‘Gold’ jewelry girl, so I wish the paw was gold but I have worn it without feeling “tacky” (I don’t like mixing silver and gold jewelry).

Great value for your money in my opinion. Love and light!!

Promised Review by Mel
  • The Perfect Sage Smudge Kit to Enhance Intuition and Center Your Spiritual Compass
  • Find a sense of peace and clarity
  • our one-size-fits-all Blue Agate bracelet accents any outfit with grace and style