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Nanoleaf Light Panels

Nanoleaf Light Panels
Nanoleaf Light Panels

Nanoleaf Shapes- Triangle Smarter Kit Bundle (13 Panels)

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Nanoleaf Light Panels are very nice product. I was completely skeptical when my BF brought these to my attention and purchased them. I had seen some sets on various sites like Twitch, and it seemed like a total gamer thing.

These little panels of light arrived in no time, and we spent the next hour deciding on a layout. Once that was done, I began to hang them. Daunting task? Nope, cricket easy!! The instructions were clear, the sticky tabs stuck really well and the panels linked together with ease. We installed the little mic part and got it linked with our phones (another fairly simple task). And for the next several hours, we changed scenes, made our own, downloaded new ones, laughed as it reacted to the sound of our voices/TV/radio… I was hooked.

A few weeks later, I got a free Google home pod thingy from another subscription. With ease, I synced it with the Nanoleaf and now all I have to do is ask Google to turn on my lights. She can adjust the brightness and change the scene.

I can’t wait to get more and create a layout for my bedroom.

Promised Review by Alaina Goss
  • Create a stunning audiovisual lightshow in your home with the Nanoleaf Rhythm.
  • Connect the triangular colour-changing LED panels together and mount them with the included adhesive pads.
  • The Rhythm module recognizes music so the panels change colour in time with the rhythm
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