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Mushroom Baby Crawling Mat

Mushroom Baby Crawling Mat
Mushroom Baby Crawling Mat

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Really like this mat. We have hardwood floors and I bought the larger size. My only complaint is it doesnt fit very well in my washer that has the agitator in the middle, I bet the smaller one would fit better. Aside from that its easy to spot clean with sopa and water, very soft and spongy with the memory foam. Great for tummy time and kids to tumble on. It folds up well and is easy to stow away.

Promised Review By Casey
  • Machine-woven out of the finest polypropylene
  • Easy Maintenance
  • It serviceable in a wide range of spaces including spill-prone areas at your house
  • The rug is machine washable
  • Non-slip, strong water absorption
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