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Motorcycle Mirrors

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Motorcycle Mirrors
Motorcycle Mirrors
$17.99 $29.99

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Motorcycle Mirrors so amazing. Quick 1st impressions review. Will update review after some time has passed to see how they hold up over time.

Good Points;

* The L and R mirrors were perfected threaded for the Suzuki DR350 Duel Sport bike. Screw right in. No adapters needed

* Although field of view could be improved, as a ref point, it is perhaps a 25% improved field of view over the stock DR350 mirrors. The somewhat more ‘modern’ design of the mirrors is a balance between field of view and a more updated ‘look’ added to the bike. Some convexing on the glass would benefit the design. But over-all, still better than the stock mirror field of view (again as a ref point)

* Good adjustment angles to sight the mirrors

* So far, on the road and on the trails, the mirrors have held their adjustment position.

Minor ‘Con’ Points

* Only Reason for a 4 star and not a 5; The angle of the mirror shaft at the bend point needs to have more bend in it. As some have noted, and I can see, on some bikes the mirrors are too vertically orientated and look a little foolish. That said… again… and to be fair… these are universal fit mirrors.. not $120 each OEM mirrors. So on bikes that have near horizontal handlebars (such as ATVs or Duel Sports) these the mirrors do stand up a bit too vertical, while for more ‘sport’ bikes (with the handle bar clips that are usually at a downward angle), these mirrors probably look just about right. For the DR350, with stock bars (and probably most duel sport bikes as well) the mirrors are sort of at the point they start to look foolish.. but still acceptable at least on the DR350. If I don’t like it after a while, I can always take off the mirrors and bend the shafts a bit more (about 15 degrees) at the existing bend point on the shaft to get some more bend and less ‘vertical’ in it. It will be a lot easier to add some bend if needed than to try to take some of the bend out. So I guess the bend angle for the designer needed to be balancing act. Suggest that they add in about 10 more degrees at the the bend in the shaft. But again.. it is OK as is.

Summary; I would buy again (and I did while they were still at a sale price on Amazon). If you have a duel sport, you will eventually biff the mirrors on a trail and need to replace one or both mirrors… might as well have a couple spares on hand.

I’ll update the review after more miles are on the mirrors.

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Promised Review By Jim D
  • Clear Vision, Safe Drive
  • Best Angle Adjustment
  • Heavy Duty Structure
  • Compatible with most brands of motorbike
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