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Motorcycle Jackets For Women

Motorcycle Jackets For Women
Motorcycle Jackets For Women

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Wow, this Motorcycle Jackets For Women is very well made and of substantial weight and quality. I used to shun looking too girly when I ride but I saw this in passing and read the reviews and decided my “tough biker chick” look days are over.

Thanks to all the size comments I ordered up and got an XL (I’m 5’8″, 149lb, D-size girls) and it’s a PERFECT fit with just enough extra room in the sides and chest, which is perfect because there are so many snaps and velcro attachments to adjust it as necessary.

The shoulders seem just a tich snug but not to the point of being ill-fitting or uncomfortable. It may ease up with use. Take note of the fine print at the bottom of the size chart, the sizes provided are for the jacket, NOT YOUR measurements.

Take that into consideration when choosing a size and you should be good to go. I like that you can open or close the vents above the chest. Very good deal, worth every penny! It’s just out of the box so will update after I ride in it.

Promised Review By Shimska
  • Front Zipper Closure
  • Elastic Siding
  • Full Zip-Out Liner
  • Zippered Front Hand Pockets
  • Collarless Design with Snap Button Closure
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