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Motorcycle Jackets For Men

Motorcycle Jackets For Men
Motorcycle Jackets For Men

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This Motorcycle Jackets For Men has some good reviews and a few bad ones. I will start with size. I am 6′ 1″, 215 lbs with an athletic build and a bit of a beer belly. I purchased the Extra Large. At first, I was not sure how it was suppose to fit as I wanted some extra room so I ended up purchasing a XX-Large and giving them both a whirl while actually sitting on the bike (2018 Indian Scout 10″ Ape Handlebars) and then determining which was best. I stuck with the X-Large. To me the important thing was to have the sleeves long enough to not pull back when I lifted them to grasp the bars. The XX large did not do much more in this area but it gave more girth around the chest which was not needed.

Plenty of pockets which is not really a big deal for me as I try to be a minimalist when it comes to carrying crap in my pockets. But if that is NOT you. Then this has enough to keep you happy. Just keep in mind that the jacket is designed to conform to you so stuff in the pockets can be felt on your body.

I road with this the first time yesterday (27-Jan-19) in Haverhill, MA. The temp was in the low to mid 40’s and I can honestly say. This was the most surprising part of the jacket. With the included liner installed in the jacket along with a simple long sleeve T. I was perfectly fine. I zipped it up to the neck and lapsed the neck closed with the Velcro. Tucked my gloves into the tightened sleeves and off I went. We went for about a solid 20 minute ride for lunch hitting speeds up to 60 as we stayed off the highway because of the cold. It cut the wind perfectly and I had nothing coming in through the sleeves, neck or back. I really could not believe it for how light the insulation in the jacket appears to be.

The pads take a bit to get use to but you really do not notice them after a while and never noticed them while riding. I hope to never have to experience if they work but others who commented, have and seem to be happy about the protection.

Without hesitation I would recommend it and absolutely purchase another one if and when it is required. I will update this review if something happens in regards to the quality at a later time if needed.

But personally, for 80 bucks. There really is no down side as of yet. Personally, if this was in a store and I got to get some hands on before the purchase. I could see spending 200 on this and still feeling like it was worth it. Maybe more, but I have no experience with this type of jacket to know what to expect in terms for quality vs $$$.

Promised Review By Sweet Swing
  • Nice looking, can wear it like a regular jacket
  • Very warm for cooler weather even without the liner inside
  • Tons of pockets… Can replace your backpack if you wanted to. And are easily accessible
  • Tough fabric means probably good abrasion protection
  • Zip out inner liner
  • Inexpensive
  • 1. Armored in shoulders and elbows, as well as back.
  • 2. Heavy textile material that is really good in cold weather.
  • 3. Zip out lining for warmer weather riding.
  • 4. Many pockets inside and out, including gun/ tablet pockets.
  • 5. Good venting systems.
  • 6. Great zippers in Jacket and pockets.
  • 7. Adjustable sides, arms and sleeves.
  • 8. Quality construction at a very affordable price, particularly when compared to the competition.
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