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Motorcycle Cover Waterproof

Motorcycle Cover Waterproof
Motorcycle Cover Waterproof

XYZCTEM All Season Black Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover,Fits up to 108" Motors (XX Large & Lockholes)

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I got the 100″ and the 108″, the 100″ fits well on my big bike with a large tail box on the back, 2017 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R. my bike is 91″ from the front of the front tire to the back of the back tire. It has tie straps with easy to use clips to secure the cover to the wheels. the Black color blocks the UV whereas lighter colors do not. The bungee at the bottom holds the bottom closed and snug to the bike and does not flap in the breeze. cover does not go to the ground due to the high profile of the bike, which is a good thing, I don’t want it sitting on the ground soaking up anything, and the air flow under the bike is a good thing to help keep it cooler in the sun. the cover also has large rings in the cover to secure it to the bike.

I use a large gauge cable Lock to secure the bike and cover. I like the fact that there are no “Name brand Logos”, the cover is very uninviting and basic simple, I’m not looking to attract attention to my bike. When I cover the bike after riding i slip it behind the exhaust to keep it from melting any holes, 15 Min later i cover the exhaust.

The fabric seems pretty sturdy and durable I will have to see how it holds up after a hot CA summer and some abuse. Have used the cover daily since June 2017 with no issues or complaints.

The 108″ cover which I tried on my bike, ti fit looser and a bit lower, but became a bit too loose, and will flap in the wind on my bike. The 108 ” is a plain Jane, no reflective strips on the sides, and no Logo on the front. On a side note, the storage bag is useless unless you can carefully fold the cover back up neatly to fit back in the bag.

I use my cover daily and just fold it in thirds then roll it into a tube and stick it in my luggage box. Overall, like the cover, and a snug fit works best for me. Hope this helps, ride safe!

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