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Moss Art On Wall

Moss Art On Wall
Moss Art On Wall

Amazon Brand – Rivet Preserved Green Moss Circles Wall Art in White Frame, 30" x 10"

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Moss Art On Wall is very nice product. First, I just want to say how much I really like this piece. The ovals of moss are thick enough so that you can see this piece of art has a 3D look to it. However, if you stand back far enough you will only see green ovals. The frame is 1.75 inches thick and is a simple white with a very smooth feel.

There is a piece of plastic that covers the mossy ovals. There is a wire the stretches across the back so you can hang it on a nail or hook. The wire is positioned such that the art is meant to sit with the big oval on the left side and the smallest oval on the right side. However, you could easily reverse this position or turn it 90 degrees, but you would need to attach something to the back of the frame or drill a hole in the frame.

Not something I plan to do, but I am sure it is possible. You would be taking a risk because there is a chance it could get damaged. Nice piece, but it would be better if you were given the option to hang it in a north/south position. Not sure where it’s made (probably China) so at over three-hundred-fifty bucks, it’s expensive, but a very cool piece.

Promised Review by G. Hearn
  • Real plant material incorporated in a contemporary piece
  • Mounted on paper and encased in white painted wood frame
  • 30″ x 10″
  • Ready to hang with hardware included.
  • Made to order