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Monopoly Game

Monopoly Game
Monopoly Game

Winning Moves Games Monopoly The Mega Edition

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Mega Monopoly Game Additions: One property of every color group plus one utility has been added to the board to make it a square of side length 13 (instead of 10). There are also a few new mechanics including a special third die, train depots, skyscrapers, and bus tickets. The special die allows you to roll and draw a bus ticket for later use or to roll a Mr. Monopoly which allows you to move to the next unowned property after you move the number shown on the two standard die. In this game you can build houses and hotels when you own all but one property in a color group, and can only build skyscrapers on a color group upon owning all properties of a color group. Bus tickets allow you to move to any place in front of your token on that side of the board in exchange for your turn.

Gameplay: This version offers more strategy and less luck than the standard version of monopoly resulting in a higher level of interest. Overall this game is more fun to play because of the new mechanic of the Bus Ticket. This mechanic gives control to the player on where their next turn will take them. This allows players to get desired properties quicker and makes the game more exciting than the original.

Aesthetics: Overall this larger monopoly board looks great and offers 11 starting tokens that are of high quality. The board folds up nicely and fits compactly into the box which is a little bulkier than your standard monopoly box. The new $1000 dollar bills are nice, and the houses, hotels, skyscrapers, and train depots look great.

Customization: If you want to play a longer game of monopoly you could remove the mechanics which were added to the game by simply removing the “third” die. This special die contains one side to draw a bus ticket and two sides of Mr. Monopoly, which moves players to the next unowned property after completing your turn in regard to the two standard dice. Removing this from the game allows you to use the increased board size and starting funds without changing how the game plays in relative to classic monopoly. I have also attempted to replace the special die with another standard die. If you font enjoy the new mechanics they can be adjusted to address your issues. Personally, I remove some of the bus tickets when playing with 3 people because we often finished games before they completely ran out.

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