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Moisturizing Socks And Gloves

Moisturizing Socks And Gloves
Moisturizing Socks And Gloves

Codream Touch Screen Moisturizing Spa Gloves and Socks Set Gel Gloves and Socks Heal Eczema Cracked Dry Skin for Repair Treatment - Pink

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I previously purchased a pair of Moisturizing Socks And Gloves from this brand and I absolutely LOVE them so when I saw this had not just socks but gloves, too, I had to get it. :D.

If you don’t like toe socks, no worries with this set as you just get what looks like a regular pair of socks (but better because of all the moisturizers, oils, and other good stuff inside).

You also get a pair of moisturizing gloves that have special fingertips on them that allow you to use a phone or other touch screen device while wearing them. Even better? Those actually WORK.

It is recommended that you put some kind of lotion on before using either the gloves or socks to help soften your skin, which will make it easier for the good stuff infused in the inner gel to soak in BUT, you don’t have to.

Even without lotion on beforehand, you’ll still see the benefits of using this set, even after just one use. You’ll obviously get slightly better, longer lasting results with lotion applied before use but it isn’t a necessity. I’ve used them both ways and I’ve been really happy with the results regardless.

Overall, this set is a really good bargain for what you’re getting and I really like that I’ve been able to soften both my hands and feet at the same time without having to give up my tablet to do it. 😀

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