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Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Mistaken Lyrics Coasters
Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Radioactive Periodic Table of Elements Plastic Glowing Coaster Set | Set of 4

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Mistaken Lyrics Coasters is very nice product. Actually purchased these for a client who happens to be a nuclear physicist, and he got a kick out of them, but the interesting thing was both his grandkids were absolutely fascinated by the way they lit up and spent an hour playing with them, stacking them together and then putting various items on top to make “rainbows” out of them.

So even if the intended recipient doesn’t quite know what to make of them, maybe his or her kids will enjoy them. In any case, the lighting effect is actually pretty dramatic, they are well-built and easily handled the abuse dealt out by a two and three-year old.

Promised Review by Gil P.
  • Great for parties easily remember which drink is yours
  • Feature the atomic number and isotopic mass of the most stable or common isotope for each element
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Batteries: 8 3V CR2032 batteries (included)
  • Brand new
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