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Mini Wireless Keyboard

Mini Wireless Keyboard
Mini Wireless Keyboard

Mini Wireless Keyboard,Rii i8X Portable 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse, LED Backlit, Rechargable Li-ion Battery-Black

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Mini Wireless Keyboard very nice. I have the pc hooked up to my tv facing my bed and this is like having all the power of a keyboard and mouse with the ease of a controller. Don’t expect to play video games, write papers, or any other day to day office-y type of things, as a true keyboard and mouse is more practical, but for day to day tasks like messaging friends or controlling tabs and especially for media, this little thing is awesome. You can certainly use this keyboard for browsing online and sending quick emails, but if you are emailing all day get a traditional kb+m.

Some favorite attributes listed:

Great build quality. Haven’t dropped it or anything, but it does not bend when pressed, and the buttons feel responsive and secure and have a satisfying click. The touchpad is solid, it’s no MacBook Pro but it gets the job done as well as any basic ChromeBook would, which is respectable. It is much thinner than I expected, which is great, it’s also very light. I guess I should read the discription more often but I guess being pleasantly surprised is kinda nice. The scroll wheel also feels nice. The build quality is really impressive, even the nerve inducing battery cap is strong, so I can sleep easier at night.When not used for a certain amount of time, it will sleep to save battery, when it does this though, the spacebar, and volume buttons stay awake for quick use, which is great for media. This was way more clever than I was expecting at this price point and really helps sell me on the product.Honestly, I have used a Roku tv and chromecast, pc’s with a wireless kb+m, and none of it compares for casual use media, as using the pc with this remote. I keep a wireless kb+m ready, as bigger jobs will need bigger tools, but this is perfect for sitting back and enjoying your entertainment. All for 20 bucks.

As a suggestion though:

The way it’s built feels similar to a gaming controller, so I may suggest adding shoulder buttons to make it more gaming friendly in the future, and they can also be used for skipping songs or jump volume certain amounts or something for media control.

Promised Review By Zachary Estle
  • Multi-finger Functions Touchpad
  • Scroll Wheel
  • White Backlit LED
  • USB Receiver and Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Charging Port
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