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Mini Stepper For Stamina

Mini Stepper For Stamina
Mini Stepper For Stamina

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Mini Stepper For Stamina Compact, adjustable and easy to use. I am a petite woman, 60+, who purchased this specifically to tone my muscles needed to climb stairs. I set it up in my kitchen breakfast nook and do a set of 50 whenever I happen by, several times a day. It is very effective. I saw an improvement in the ease in climbing stairs very quickly, my endurance on my daily walks has improved and I have also noticed my daily lower backaches have eased, an unexpected bonus. This machine would be more for someone more like me: older, impaired, or less fit. It would not be challenging enough for a young, athletic person.

Promised Review By SzB71
  • Don’t have much space for heavy and big workout machines, so Wagan brings you a compact stepper master
  • It covers only 1 x 1.5 – feet floor therefore you can use it any place you want
  • The quality of workout of stepper master is equal to all those big machines you think are great
  • It comes digital display that tells you the steps, time and calories burned in the session
  • Easy to use, assemble and dissemble