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Mini Projector For Phone

$110.99 $120.99
Mini Projector For Phone
Mini Projector For Phone
$110.99 $120.99

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Mini Projector For Phone is a great projector for the price. I’ve purchased 2 other projectors in the $60 – $80 range and this one is by far the best. It does not compare to our Viewsonic ($500-$700 range). You get what you pay for especially when it comes to electronics.

It is rather small but not mini/pocket size.

Approximately 7.25″×5.75″×2.5″

Also comes with a lense cover attached to the unit.

We also purchased a ~$10 tripod to keep it off the table. We plan on taking this when we visit friends or go on trips. Looking for a case now.

This projector does NOT connect to the internet or Wifi. It uses USB, SD, PC-RGB, AV, or Phone/Tablet. The device must be plugged into the projector the entire time.

A Samsung S7 will be the primary source of videos because it’s an older phone no longer being used. The phone will charge while connected to the projector. Projector does not need to be on to charge the phone.

This projector only mirrors your phone/tablet. We have not used the other sources so we cannot comment on those.

IR remote with a sensor on the front and rear of the projector is great. Simple remote and buttons on top of the unit and easy menu options make it easy to navigate.

Projection mode allows you to mount/place the unit in various positions. Mirrored, Upside Down, and Upside Down Mirrored.

Great for a teens room or simply a budget big screen. Best if you can make the room as dark as possible but will be fine with low light.

The fan is loud but I can deal with it. The speaker is not as good as the one on my S7. However, I can pair my S7 to bluetooth headphones/speakers or use an AUX (3.5mm) cable.

Image does get pixelated as it gets larger. Not enough to complain about just make note. Expect to get what you pay for.

*Pics are projected on to a beige textured ceiling about 3. 5′ off the ground with a dim lamp in the opposite corner of the room with a Samsung S7.

Great budget projector

Only USB/SD/AV/PC-RGB/Phone/Tablet

Connect phone to bluetooth speaker/headphones for better sound or use 3.5mm aux

Simple menus IR Sensor on front and rear No Wifi, No Bluetooth, Tiny speaker = poor sound Loud fan

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