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Mini Golf Drinking Game

Mini Golf Drinking Game
Mini Golf Drinking Game

B&F SPDGOLF Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game Set [Eyewear], Green

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I ordered Mini Golf Drinking Game for my boyfriend as a 21st birthday present, as he loves and has been playing golf for quite a few years now. So I figured this would be a great present to get him… It definitely was! Especially for the price I paid. I was a little concerned though because it only had one review, but I knew he would love it so I took the risk. Well worth it! It is so cute, I mean, it even comes with a little bag of real sand to put into the sand pit!

At first, I thought it wouldn’t be very much fun though, because I figured when you hit the little golf ball it would just keep rolling all over the place and never be able to come to a stop… I was wrong, the course is covered in velvet and the golf ball is a little steel ball, a bit smaller than a marble. It rolls so smoothly on the velvet and when it stops, it stays.

It is also not as easy as it would appear, which makes it even more fun; if it were as easy as it looks, you would get bored after playing with it for a while. The fact that it is a bit of a challenge keeps you interested. It also comes with a set of rules if you want to actually play a drinking game with it, which makes things quicker and easier than if you had to come up with your own.

Awesome buy! I would definitely but another one if I knew more golf enthusiasts!

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  • Country of Origin: CHINA
  • The Package Length of the product is 5 inches
  • The Package Width of the product is 5 inches
  • The Package Height of the product is 8 inches
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