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Migraine Ice Pack

Migraine Ice Pack
Migraine Ice Pack

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The Migraine Miracle! Migraine Ice Pack! The Headache Hat!
You just read that and are rolling your eyes aren’t you? You’re quietly thinking to yourself that I must have been paid to write this, but I promise I have not. I am a CHRONIC, DAILY, MIGRAINE sufferer though. For 18 years I have been dealing with intense migraines and just within the past three years, they have become debilitating, and I have become mostly bedridden.
I have tried EVERYTHING to rid myself of my intense migraine pain! I have tried; Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Traditional Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Neurologists, Acupuncture, a Nutritionist, an Eye Doctor, an Allergist, my PCP, Pain Clinics, Massage Therapy, and the two other ‘ice hats’ on the market. Until I found this Headache Had nothing worked for me!
Before finding the Headache Hat, the best at home treatment I could find, were refillable ice bags. (think of the things that cartoon characters put on their heads where they’re sick). The problem with refillable ice bags though, is that they melt, and they melt fast. They also give off air as they melt, making the ice bag into a big cushion, unless you keep lifting your head up to release the air. And let me tell you, when I’m in that much pain, I just want to lay in the dark, with my ice, and say a prayer that I can fall asleep. Which, you cannot do with the aforementioned ice bag.

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