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Mermaid Tails For Girls

Mermaid Tails For Girls
Mermaid Tails For Girls

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My granddaughter wanted Mermaid Tails For Girls fin, and her mother gave me a heads-up when I asked about birthday gift ideas… The find fit her beautifully… And once she figured out just how to put her feet in the little sock inserts in the tail, she was all set. You kind of roll it down like a sock, put your feet in, and then “pull it up from the bottom” like (OK, this might seem a little bit like TMI…but it is true) it pull on like pantyhose! And the top is well above the waist, so it is secure once on.

My granddaughter is 7 and she is a very good swimmer for her age. She struggled a bit with the fin in the water, at first. But soon, she picked up the needed “dolphin kick” technique and she was underwater and moving like she had really nice swim fins on. After about 20 minutes, she was swimming with it as a natural extension of her legs.

Promised Review By Paul G. DePace
  • Fin Fun’s BEST-SELLING mermaid tails
  • PATENTED Reinforced Tail Tip Technology PROTECTS
  • ENGINEERED for speed, comfort, and safety
  • Recommended for competent swimmers ages 6 and up
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