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Mermaid Tail Blanket Adults

Mermaid Tail Blanket Adults
Mermaid Tail Blanket Adults

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Have you ever sat on the couch with a blanket and then your feet get cold, but the blanket never seems to get your feet warm until you tuck the thing all around your feet? But then- your feet get too hot and you don’t know what to do? Oh. And. Have you ever wanted to be a mermaid but you live in the Midwest where there is no ocean to be found? Then this product was made for you!! Don’t fall for any of those imitation tails that don’t have a large enough waistband for an adult, and have sealed tail fins that limit mobility to ZERO!

This tail- feels like an Afghan crocheted by gramma. Cold feet? Great. Snuggle them into the fleece-lined tail fin. Feet get too hot? Poke them out the end! Just want to use it as a comfortable blankie? Go for it. Want to play mermaid? It’s great for that too!! This is BY FAR the most amazing gift that I received this year. And I got a lot of great stuff. I asked for the Snuggie adult mermaid tail in blue. I’m SOOOOOO GLAD that I didn’t receive that one.

Promised Review By Ben Willocks
  • Blanket size 67” x 22.5”, big enough for adults or teens to snuggle up to. Care Instructions: Dry clean, hand wash in cold water and air dried
  • Multi purpose, can be used for sleepovers on bed, couch, car or camping
  • Unique design and multi colors that suits your style
  • comfortable and warm