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Men’s Full-Zip Hoodies

$10.38 - $19.50
Men’s Full-Zip Hoodies
Men’s Full-Zip Hoodies
$10.38 - $19.50

Amazon Essentials Men's Standard Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt

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Men’s Full-Zip Hoodies is perfect for men. Well, the reviews were confusing with this one. Of course, some folks like a lot of extra room in their hoody, while others just want them to fit normally – some may even prefer a tight-fit to put it under another jacket (which is just not a great idea with cotton… if you’re going to layer, then layer clothes correctly, and use either a polar- or micro-fleece, or a 100% wool, layer under the outer jacket).

I wanted more of a normal fit for around the house when the cooler weather comes.

The Large size, for me at 5’10”, 183 lbs. (basically, fit), is not overly large in any area, including the belly/stomach (which I really don’t want anyway). with a 56% cotton blend, I’m expecting some shrinkage in the dryer, and I seem to have room for that.

t’s, at best, a medium-weight hoodie (perhaps the 100% cotton hoodies are usually heavier weight? I have an old one that I am retiring, but I assumed that this one was lighter based on the reviews).

One area that other brands of inexpensive hoodies get criticized on is the hood ties. Now, I don’t really understand the need or desire for the hood ties for probably 90% of the hoodie-wearing population, but I guess there are some out there who do use them (like kids who didn’t dress correctly for the winter weather before leaving for school).

Be that as it may, the hood ties are substantial like old-school sneaker shoe laces used to be.

Based on the reviews, I inspected all areas of mine for missed sewn areas, off-alignment sewn areas, but didn’t find any.

I can’t complain for the Black Friday price I paid for it. I was strongly considering other brands’ ‘Kelly Green’ color 50/50 mix hoodies, but when this came up on sale, well, I took the reviewers’ comments about the center stripe adding a style to it to heart, and went for it just to see what it’s like. I will try to update with pictures of me wearing it eventually.

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  • 52% Cotton, 48% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • comfort
  • Model is 6’2″ and wearing size Medium

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