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Memory Foam Neck Pillow Travel

Memory Foam Neck Pillow Travel
Memory Foam Neck Pillow Travel

MLVOC Travel Pillow 100% Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow, Comfortable & Breathable Cover, Machine Washable, Airplane Travel Kit with 3D Contoured Eye Masks, Earplugs, and Luxury Bag, Standard, Gray

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Memory Foam Neck Pillow Travel is the best product.The first picture shows the package it arrives it (i have taken out only the eye shade and ear plugs). The first thing that caught my attention was the high quality shades for the eye. These shades are 10 times better than the ones i would get during international travel in the planes.

They are dark, smooth and look great. I do not know if my high resolution pictures can capture the nice contours of these shades. In the last picture, i have shown part of the pillow. The pillow comes in a cover that can be removed for washing. The cover is smooth and high quality. The memory foam of this pillow is high density and not cheap material.

Just for testing purpose, i wanted to see if i can use this pillow for sleeping purposes (because i wind up sleeping in airports, during my international travels, and lack of pillow is an issue when i sleep in airports due to long layovers).

I used this pillow as my nightly sleeping pillow for 1 week. First couple of days i had difficulty in getting used to the pillow, but the subsequent 5 days provided excellent support for my neck. I am both a back sleeper and a side sleeper.

So, i had to find the proper way to keep the pillow for the 2 neck positions. But it was easy and comfortable, once i found the way to use it. So, now i can say this can be used for laying down also (in dire straits, where you can not find any other pillow). I am not equating it to a traditional pillow like you find in hotels, but this will serve for my airport sleep situation because it packs small and well.

The package itsself is not very big. I have 2 other pillows that are air-filled travel pillows. This packs a bit more than that. But in return, i get a strong support of the memory foam. The air filled ones will tend to move under your neck and do not provide a strong support like this one. So, in terms of support this is much better than an air-filled neck pillow. I am happy, though i wish it was a few dollars cheaper than the $24 or so that i paid for this.

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  • This memory foam travel pillow can better fix your neck
  • relieves neck pain during travel
  • a self-developed sweat-resistant fabric, provides the maximum comfort on your trip