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Melt And Pour Soap Base

$21 $25
Melt And Pour Soap Base
Melt And Pour Soap Base
$21 $25

Primal Elements Honey Soap Base - Moisturizing Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap Base for Crafting and Soap Making, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Easy to Cut - 5 Pound

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I bought Melt And Pour Soap Base to make gifts for all my students. I put in an animal shaped hard plastic bead in each small mode and filled each mold up. Then I added beards and a clear stretch cord in another small bag. The Idea was for the student to have an incentive to wash their hands.

Once they washed their hands enough, then they could use the animal bead that had been inside their bar of soap as the center of their bracelet. I had no idea that my students as well as their parents were going to love the gift so much!

One parent texted me to tell me that as soon as her son got home, he went straight to the bath tub and took a 4-hour bath, so he could get to the prize in his soap!

Promised Review by H.A
  • Solid Soap Base that can be used to mix and create various new soaps.
  • Simply melt, add different coloring and fragrances to the mix, and create custom soap bars at home.
  • The natural glycerine based Soap bases are used to create your unique style of soap for personal use.
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