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Maxiflex Work Gloves

Maxiflex Work Gloves
Maxiflex Work Gloves

Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Nitrile Grip Work Gloves, Large, 3 Pair

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Maxiflex Work Gloves is a good one. I am a stocker at a large retail store and about 2 days a week is truck day. Seemingly endless boxes to be opened, emptied onto shelves and folded up.

So if you are doing that kind of job, these are perfect, a dream come true for my fellow stockers/grunt workers out there.

I was having dry hands, and just even holding a box/item, was a struggle, at times things were broken because they would slip right out of my dry hands.

It became very frustrating…

So i t took me long enough and finally decided to buy a pair. (Came with 3). Man, you put these on, and you already know the deal. Grips almostTOO well, to the point where I was wondering if I had a good grip on an item, and turns out, I had a lot of the item in my hand,all I had to do was lift!

Stocking doesn’t have to be a pain in the a$$. These gloves, and a stretch cord for a box cutter, (where it sits at your side clipped to your belt, and you can just grab it, work and let it go). These cut my time almost in half..and made my job alot more enjoyable.

As far as texting goes, you have to press down a little harder than you normal would without them on. Calling is easier, and you have to pull them off from the fingertips because they are a nice and snug fit.

I’m just waiting for someone to tell me I look sexy in these gloves. I already had someone tell me about my jacket yesterday. (Pleather baby).

Anyway, get these, they’re cheap, and they work and they are pretty long lasting from what I can see.

Promised Review By L. Leblanc
  • Nitrile coating compatible
  • Complete breath-ability
  • Excellent gripping
  • Enhanced comfort
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