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Massager For Carpal Tunnel

Massager For Carpal Tunnel
Massager For Carpal Tunnel

KUMIWU Rechargeable Hand Massager with Heat, 3 Modes and 3 Levels Air Pressure Point Hand Finger Massager Machine, Pain Relief for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel, Gifts for Women

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Massager For Carpal Tunnel is very n ice product. I gotta say I was a little nervous putting my hand into this the first time. It definitely isn’t a light, delicate massage. The whole giant “glove” is filled with air and expands and contracts in different places (kind of like a sleep number bed) to massage your hand in different places and different ways (rhythms, etc.) And it rests every once in a while (every minute, maybe? I didn’t time it).

So your hand just rests and then it starts up again. I could feel my blood flow changing during the rest period verses the massage times. I didn’t go the entire ten minutes allowed time, because, like I said, I was a little nervous due to the intensity (I have had bad experiences with blood pressure cuffs, because I have low blood pressure). After probably about three minutes, I pressed the off button and the machine completely stopped and I slid my hand back out.

It felt great. Not like an in-person massage, but definitely tingly in a good way and relaxed and quite different from my other hand. I’m excited to try using it longer when I get the chance, though because of my low blood pressure, I’m going to take it slow adapting to it. Definitely use the gloves, because I can imagine that if you got this machine grimy inside, it wouldn’t really be cleanable.

Also, don’t make my mistake and plug it in and try to use it and wonder why it won’t turn on! Haha. It won’t work at all plugged in (it just charges). Charge it for a bit, and then unplug it, and it will work great. (My first charge was literally five minutes, and it was ready to go at least for a little while.

Promised Review by Betsy Wells Stokes
  • Relax and Pain Relief
  • Air Pressure Hand Therapy
  • Optional Heating Functions
  • Rechargeable and Cordless Design