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Magnifying Glass With Light

Magnifying Glass With Light
Magnifying Glass With Light

XpertMatic PD-4S Dimmable Magnifying Glass with 38 LED Lights, Anti-flip Stand and Clamp, 5 Diopter Hands Free Magnifying Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck for Crafts, Hobbies, Close Work, Reading - 2.25X

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Magnifying Glass With Light is very nice product. This is what I was looking for to use in the quality control lab to inspect parts.

LED lights – The led lights are bright and you can adjust the brightness. The only complaint I have about the lighting is that the cover blocks the dial for the light of it is up.

It hard to adjust it if the kid is open. You tend to close the lid if you need to adjust the light. Since the this will he used in the lab that doesn’t get too dirty I took the lid off.

It’s easy to remove. It’s only attached by too small knobs so you can pull the lid without much force. I’ll hang on to it just in case I need it in the future.

Magnification – The Lens magnifies the parts enough to inspect them if there is an issue. I use this to inspect injection blow molded bottles and injected models plastic parts. You do need to move the parts to get them focused if you have the lens up high.

The base does a good job of keeping it from tilting as you bring the lens down. It will tilt a little if you have the lens too far from the base. You can stop this by curving the ark so the lens is closer. It comes with a h clamp you can use to secure the lens to the side of a table.

I’m not using this but it’s nice to have the option to, especially with how cheap the magnifying lamp was.Power – the LED lights only need 5 watts and are 720 likens when turned all the way up. The lights are power by a usb plug that you can plug into a computer.

This is a great feature for me since I’m limited on power outlets. It does come with a usb adaptor if you want to plug it in.

Summary – This is a great flexible magnifying lamp you can use to inspect parts. It is very portable and easy the use. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the design of the lid and led dial. If they would have designed it where you could use the lid and and adjust the light without closing the lid I would have given it 5 stars.

This is a minor issue and I can use the lens without the lid but wanted k ok et people know about it. I’m happy with this purchase at how cheap it was. This was couple hundred dollars cheaper than other options I saw and probably just as good.

Promised Review By Chuck
  • Built in light
  • Light weight
  • Brightness
  • Thickness
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