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Magnifying Glass Fire Starter

Magnifying Glass Fire Starter
Magnifying Glass Fire Starter

Lifesport Gear Fresnel Lens Pocket Magnifier Credit Card Wallet Size 6 Pack, Portable Ruler and Emergency Solar Fire Starter, Compact Magnifying Glass for Home Office Outdoor Survival Bushcraft

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Magnifying Glass Fire Starter is very nice product. On the wrong side of 40 with still strong vision but occasionally struggling to read really fine print (and so much packaging seems to have microscopic information these days), I decided to get a couple of Fresnel lenses that I could keep around the home and office and in my wallet. This seemed like a great deal for the price and so I got them.

They do the job really well. Surprisingly effective and clear magnification considering the thinness. These are THIN, mind you, thinner than a credit card! I’m sure you can get other Fresnel lenses or standard magnifying glasses with stronger magnification but I can tuck one of these into my wallet and whip it out anywhere. The ruler functionality is a nice touch too.

The only thing I did not like was all the pieces in my order were slightly dented in the same spot, which suggests a manufacturing defect (or, who knows, a careless packaging handler). Some of the pieces had more than one dent or scratch. But I’m talking really tiny dents here. If you wanted to, you could just ignore them and that’s basically what I’ve decided to do.

Still, I informed the seller and told them I was nevertheless satisfied with the product and didn’t want to return it or claim a refund or anything. However, they were quite contrite and refunded my cost of their own volition, which leaves me with a very positive impression of the way they treat their customers. I analyse businesses for a living so I know how difficult it can be to manage a supply chain. Things happen. But great customer service makes it all go away!

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