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Magnetic Signs For Cars

Magnetic Signs For Cars
Magnetic Signs For Cars

Blank Magnets (2 Pack) – Rounded Corners Blank Car Magnet Set – Perfect USA-Made Magnet for Car to Advertise Business, Cover Company Logo (for HOA), Prevent Car Scratches & Dents (Regular Large)

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Magnetic Signs For Cars is very nice product. This was exactly what I needed! We planned a Llama-themed Baby Shower Parade (during COVID) but each of us wouldn’t have had a passenger to hold a sign out the window. So I ordered these car magnets (XL 18”x24”) and they were a perfect size to make an impact on the sides of our doors But still fit (Tacoma, Lexus, Flex, CRV). The funnest part was designing each sign.

I used a cutting machine and its program to design these using self adhesive vinyl. Worked like a charm. These magnets are delivered in a thick cylindrical tube, 2 in 1 with tissue paper in between. You have to unroll them and either put weights like books on them the straighten them or do what I did and roll them the other way then store them flat until ready to use. This is highly recommended because before I even designed it, I practiced on my car and the rolled ends would not stick but when they were flat it worked perfectly fine (see pic).

The magnetic backing may leave streaks on the white front but it’s easily wiped off. These are strong enough magnets that we decorated our cars at a nearby park but still drove 2-3 miles and it stayed on without any worry even though some of us didn’t have time to wash our cars like the instructions say. So if you need these to stay on more long term, it would probably do the job. We transferred all four of these to the celebrant’s car after we left and she said she drove to a department store and someone even asked to take a picture of them! Now I wish I had another event to do this again!

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