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Magnetic Phone Mount car

Magnetic Phone Mount car
Magnetic Phone Mount car

SCOSCHE MAGDMB MagicMount Universal Magnetic Mount Holder for Mobile Devices In Frustration Free Packaging, Black

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Solid item. Very happy with it. Of all the mounts I have tried, I have learned a number of things about my personal preferences.

1) Item must have an adhesive backing. Adhesives can be replaced if they ever fail (haven’t experienced that yet), but suction cups fail far more frequently.

Suction cups require larger surface area, i.e. not optimal for vertical dash facing you. When you’re mindful of which states are technically illegal to have window-based mounts, suction cups start to fall behind quite a bit.

2) Item must have a swivel lock, as seen in the images here where you can torque that spinning nut down to keep the position in place.

I’ve had several mounts that just have a neck that is resistant, but turns and adjusts with enough pressure. These wear out quickly. No thanks. I like being able to lock it down tighter by hand to keep the best position.

This mount has both of these items. It’s simple and cost effective. Very happy with it.

Pro tip – When installing, look at this from a logical perspective. I mounted mine, I was feeling awesome about myself, thought I was a rock star engineer, oh yeah I’m awesome.

Slap phone in place, brilliant! You’re a genius, Jason. Pull down the column to put it in drive, slapped my phone out of the mount.

Derp. Luckily I had plenty of talc left on the mount when I gently pried it off the dash to mount it to a more fitting location, but point being, make sure you think about those kinds of things.

Promised Review By Jason
  • Safely and quickly secure a mobile device
  • powerful Rare-Earth neodymium magnets
  • Integrated cable clip secures the charging cable
  • easy one-handed use and access to all controls and ports