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Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe
Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

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This Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe is a fantastic focal point for my desk. I was hesitant about ordering it based upon the reviews regarding setting up the floating globe, but now I’m not sure what the problem is. Included in the package is a little foam piece that you use to slide between the top magnet and the globe. I’m clumsy as all get out and I can still set this up in under 5 seconds. In fact when I was to lazy to get the foam piece out of my desk drawer I just used my finger one day and that worked, although that did take about 3 tries to get it to catch right.

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  • A great decoration piece for homes and offices
  • A mid air floating globe
  • A beautiful glowing light that makes it lovely in dark
  • A high tech gadget that everybody loves
  • 1 year Warranty
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