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Magnetic Knife Holder

$28.99 $53.59
Magnetic Knife Holder
Magnetic Knife Holder
$28.99 $53.59

Coninx Magnetic Knife Holder with Powerful Magnet - Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Guard Holder, Organizer Block Without Knives

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I opted for this as I only wanted my three main Magnetic Knife Holder on it. I have limited counter space and rarely use the other kitchen cutlery. I had originally purchased a metal magnetic bar to mount on the wall but the magnets were too weak to hold the blades securely and I discovered the main power into the house and breaker box was directly on the other side of the wall. All the power in the house ran right behind the only wall mounting space I had and traditional knife holders are too bulky and dull blade edges. This was a perfect solution as it could easily be cleaned or moved to any counter spot desired.

The magnet is nice and strong which I really like but the base is a bit on the small side so you will need to old the block steady with your other hand while removing a knife. Otherwise this would easily be a five star item but it’s a trade off for not taking up much space which is well worth it to me in my small limited counter space. I highly recommend this to anyone who is tired of useless, clunky, oversize knife holders that have spaces for knives you rarely use taking up valuable counter space. Unless you enjoy sharpening your knifes before every use this is a great option for those that formerly were keeping knives in a drawer where the edges would clash against each other and other implements in the drawer with every opening. It’s only good for knives up to 9″ so don’t think it will be ideal for the rest of your kitchen cutlery. If like me, you use a chef knife for all cutting tasks, you’ll wonder how you lived without it for so long.

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