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Magnetic Blocks For Kids

Magnetic Blocks For Kids
Magnetic Blocks For Kids

Playmags 3D Magnetic Blocks for Kids Set of 100 Blocks to Learn Shapes, Colors, & Alphabet STEM Magnetic Toys Develop Motor Skills&Creativity-Colorful, Durable Magnet Building Tiles & Idea Book

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I have a set of Magnetic Blocks For Kids and a set of the 100 count magnatiles. The magnets in these (with the new stronger magnets) are definitely stronger than the more expensive brand.

The colors are a little brighter as well. If you already have a set of the magnatiles, these are compatible. If you’re comparing- these are a wonderful set to start with. They come with some extra window tiles as well as some hollow squares.

This set also has small rectangles and a car/train magnet base. There could be more of the extra tiles, but I’m not 100% sure. I’m sure the description includes that information, but I just wanted to give an honest review and a basic comparison.

The magnatiles come with just the basic squares, three types of triangles, and large squares. As I said previously, the playmags set has a bit more selection with some extra shapes.

If you don’t have the extra shapes, you won’t miss them, and I don’t know how much the extra shapes ADD to the experience, but they certainly don’t detract from it.

That said, I’m 30 and really just making fun geometric towers. A child might be tying to make a house with windows, or they might really appreciate the wagon magnet piece. To me, it’s neat and I’ll use it sometimes, but I wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t in the set.

I have a 10 month old daughter for whom these were actually purchased, but really her primary source of joy with the tiles is knocking down any stucture that I or my husband have built. I expect that will change with time.

Anyhow, if I was starting new without having already bought the magnatiles set, I would probably save the extra money and buy the playmags set, knowing what I know now. The appeal for me is how much stronger the magnets are. I will say that the tiles in the magnatiles are stronger than our other set (a random set from target,

I believe, that someone had gifted us because they wanted us to see how cool magnetic toys were.) I enjoy this toy and the concept behind it. I bought my daughter two 100

Count sets already (one set of the magnatiles and one set of the playmags) and I will probably slowly add to our collection as time goes on. I will likely buy the playmags brand over the magnatiles brand because of both the cost and the strength of the magnet. I also just purchased a set for my niece’s 5th birthday (I purchased the playmags) so my sister And her family can have as much fun as we have here. I intend on buying my other niece (her older sister) a set in August for her 7th birthday as well.

I’m a true fan of these tiles, and I’m really excited about my daughter growing up with a toy that encourages foresight and imagination. I know

She already enjoys destroying our structures, so I’m sure she’ll enjoy building her own. (And I’ll enjoy revenge-knocking them down.)

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  • So sculptures remain stable
  • Build bigger structures
  • Creativity is about getting new possibilities
  • Architecture, and basic math concepts.
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