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Magic Wiggly Worm Toy

Magic Wiggly Worm Toy
Magic Wiggly Worm Toy

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Yo these little werms are now the light of my life. My job? Nope. My loving wife? Nahh. My kids? Dont know them. All that matters are these werms now. Every morning I wake up and there they are, on the stand where I left them. They look happy…perfect even. I feel like they’re at peace with being in my life. My only hope I’d that they know how much I love them. 100/10 werms. Will buy again. My wife keeps throwing them away for some reason.

Promised Review By Emily
  • 12 pcs Magic Worm Toys
  • Wiggly Twisty Fuzzy
  • Carnival Party Favors
  • Random Color
  • 10 Days Returnable