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Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger
Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Lovebox Color & Photo | Love Note Messenger | Meaningful Gift for Mom, Dad, Wife, Husband, Grandma, Grandpa, Kids, Couple Gift, Long Distance Relationship Gift

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Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger is very unique product. Talk to my kid in another State everyday…but this is just the bomb! Swear come home there is spinning message from her or vice versa. Photp from phone little hand written messages.

Just such a good connection. Easy to set up just need wi-fi in area (not tech savvy and I did it). Pro tip: save the code for color text etc it is different than box code one and it will be free!) I read that too late and paid the one time fee. Was worth it.

Heart spins til you read. Sometimes I get four ir five cause you can send multiples…like progress in garden. Just love it! She bought me one…clever girl because I had to get her one next to have someone to send messages…ummm? Lol

Promised Review by Misoloca
  • The Lovebox is a connected
  • Send a message, a photo, a drawing or an animation on the lovebox thanks to our application
  • The Lovebox combines technology and design