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Lounge Swivel Rocking Chair

Lounge Swivel Rocking Chair
Lounge Swivel Rocking Chair

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Furniture and the people in the house make with Lounge Swivel Rocking Chair a home. Your home is a place where you are most comfortable in the world that’s why furniture in the home must be beautiful as well as comfortable.

We offer you lounge swivel rocking chair eco natural handmade rattan wicker with cushion color. It is strong, beautiful and comfortable, a best choice that will make your living space attractive, warm and comfortable.

Parts & Design:

Rattan and wicker: Lounge swivel chair is made of rattan and wicker rattan is a strong material that makes your products more reliable and long lasting. The use of rattan and wicker is a sign of superior quality because each piece is fully assembled.


It also includes cushion, the fabric of the cushions is nice, flexible and sturdy feeling. Because of sturdy inner core, it holds its shape but its fluty enough to provide individual padding we have their chairs with red cream light brown & dark brown cushions.

Eco Friendly:

The lounge swivel chair is made of natural rattan and wicker. Rattan is an ECO friendly material that comes from Indonesia. It is a master piece that will be a stylish addition to your decor. It will make your surroundings more pleasant and traditional but also provides you the comfort that you need in your home.

Best Selling Products:

Java chair is one of the best selling products due to the passion of our friendly family owned company. We pay a lot of attention to the duties of our rattan products people love our chairs because….

  1. The chairs are easy to put together
  2. The packaging is excellent
  3. It‘s far more superior then what they had before.
  4. It is very sturdy and feels solid unlike others rattan products.
  5. It is certainly worth the money.
  • Chair is made of natural rattan and wicker
  • It is strong and light
  • It is cheaper and long lasting
  • It is comfortable and beautiful
  • The fabric is flexible and comfortable to the touch