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Lights For Bike Wheels

Lights For Bike Wheels
Lights For Bike Wheels

Activ Life LED Bicycle Wheel Lights (2 Tires, Multicolor) Best for Kids, Top Stocking Stuffers of 2021 Popular Gifts for Children Exercise Toys - Child Bday Party Outdoor Family Fun

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Lights For Bike Wheels is very unique product. I found that the instructional video was extremely helpful. If it were just for the paper instructions, I would have been a little confused about how to put on the Activ Lites. The video really guides you step by step and demonstrates perfectly how to put on the lights.

I personally love the lights! When driving home in the dark, I hate having one flashing light on the front of my bike and one on the back. With Activ Lites, I am able to drive safely in the dark, and have wheels that look amazing. I know that if I saw somebody with Activ Lites I would want them. I think that the part of the product that holds the batteries could be a little bit more secure but that is one of the only problems I have with the product. I also think that the on/off switch could be a little more accessible but when you think about it, there really is no safer, more efficient, or more secure place. When I started putting the lights around the spokes I was thinking that there is no way that these won’t slip down the spokes. The truth is, they work amazingly! If you put them on tight enough, they stay right in place and that is awesome to me!

Overall, I think that Activ Lites are an amazing product and I would definitely recommend them to others!

Promised Review by Michael Esaia
  • Front and back lights leave you vulnerable from the sides
  • Our super cool bike lights come in a full-color gift box
  • Designed and patented in America, our waterproof