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Lightning Reaction Game

Lightning Reaction Game
Lightning Reaction Game

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Lightning Reaction Game is super fun!!! I supervised my kids 6 and l up play on the ‘normal setting’. (The youngest kid is 5 and then I have a 6,7,8,9,13 year old play. And some time the 5 year old will want to play.) Normal setting gives a shock that is light enough not to hurt but surprise someone. Lol I first turned it on and asked them to touch a little spot and if they didn’t mind it they got to play. So of course don’t force them to touch it if they don’t want to but if you are wondering, the normal setting doesn’t hurt. The ‘extreme setting’ hurts so this is why I supervise. With littles they will try to turn it on extreme. So I make sure it’s on ‘normal’ or ‘weak’ (there’s no shock to this one) before it gets thrown into the group.

This is also fun for adults too!!!?

Promised Review By asialenab
  • A funny game that will make you laugh
  • A game of 2 or more players
  • This hilarious game has 3 modes
  • Extreme, Normal and Lame modes
  • Made for adult but can be customized for children
  • A great party game
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