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LEGO Iron Man Hulkbuster

$449.95 $500.00
LEGO Iron Man Hulkbuster
LEGO Iron Man Hulkbuster
$449.95 $500.00

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Comicave Studios came out with LEGO Iron Man Hulkbuster Midas Mark 21 a few years back but then discontinued the line. It took a while but the wait was well worth it: they resumed production and the end product is a true beauty. Don’t go by the pictures of their prototype: they don’t do justice to the figure one bit. The mixture of yellow gold and true gold is amazing, the figure’s proportions are realistic (he doesn’t look like a robot) and the articulation is fantastic. Don’t forget that he’s 75% metal (after all. Iron Man should not be made of plastic) so there’s a solid feel to him. The light coming out of his chest and eyes are very bright and the accessories are plentiful: one pair of fists, one pair of open palms, one pair of bent palms, and another identical pair but to be fitted with the flaming bursts. There’s a another, longer pair of flaming bursts for his feet for the flying sequences.

All in all, a truly awesome product that any true collector would delight in.

Promised Review By Remo Williams
  • The main suit featured in Marvel’s Avengers
  • The 1/12 Scale Hulkbuster is a 75% die-cast metal
  • At approximately 11″ tall, the armor features over 60 points of articulation
  • The Mark XLIV Hulkbuster figure contains showroom quality gloss and matte metallic paints with protective coating
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