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Legacy Green Ranger Helmet

Legacy Green Ranger Helmet
Legacy Green Ranger Helmet

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First let me start off by saying, Legacy Green Ranger Helmet made the 8 year old kid in me jump for joy. I was looking for something to complete my ranger costume for Halloween and the conventions. After wearing this on 10/27/2018 all night (on and off due to heat and fogging) I was still very surprised by how light it was and the good fit. Helmet is adjustable inside with straps, take your time and adjust, test, adjust and fit, other wise the helmet will slide. Ensure you practice taking it on and off alone, other wise you will need someone else to get this thing on. In a dark night (outside) you can see thru the visor about 8 out of 10.

Promised Review By Zero
  • The helmet has nice clips on the side and adjustable straps inside
  • Color is amazing, fit and finish are very detailed. (mine did come with a tiny dent must be from factory as helmet was sealed well in box)
  • Visor is see thru but doesn’t allow people to see in .
  • Price is between 89-200 either way that is excellent for the money.
  • Hard to see due to heavy fogging
  • Helmet gets HOT fast poor venting
  • Clips are so nice to take off but make it hard to put on alone. (Taking on and off is hard)
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