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LED Light Cube

LED Light Cube
LED Light Cube

Mr.Go 16-inch 40cm Rechargeable LED Light Cube Stool Waterproof with Remote Control Magic RGB Color Changing Side Table Home Bedroom Patio Pool Party Mood Lamp Night Light Romantic Decorative Lighting

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LED Light Cube is awesome! I am very pleased with the light output of this cube. The colors are rich, and pleasingly fill up most of the cube’s volume, getting only a bit dimmer in the cube’s lower 1/3rd or so. The “white” color setting is especially good, since it is quite truly white (not blue-tinged like cheap LEDs can be).At max brightness, the cube is definitely bright enough to light up a room (depending on color choice), but only perhaps to about the level of a small desk lamp. Meaning, it won’t replace central room lighting or anything.The brightness adjustments also maintain the integrity of the chosen color very well. I also own a competing RGB LED lamp purchased here on Amazon, and when changing the brightness on that one, the overall hue/color changes drastically. This cube doesn’t do that – the colors stay true when changing the brightness.Also, contrary to the description, there are quite definitely 8 brightness levels (not 5), which I consider to be a good thing.

>BUILD: The cube itself is very solid, but there is a slight rattle inside when moving the cube… This hasn’t caused any noticeable problem, though. There are no rubber feet/bumpers on the bottom of the cube – it just rests right on the main plastic shell when set down, and is a bit slippery.

Other reviewers have mentioned that the charging port is on the bottom, which means the cube must rest on its side if used while charging. I don’t see this as much of an issue, since the only other design adjustment would be to put the port on the side, and this would break up the clean aesthetic of the whole cube.

>BATTERY LIFE: I haven’t timed it in hours, but this is now two weeks after the initial charge, and I’ve used the cube almost every night as a “winding down for bed” nightlight, and it’s still going… I consider that to be quite good.

>REMOTE: Honestly, the remote feels a bit cheap. It’s an infrared remote (like a good old-fashioned TV remote) so you definitely have to point it at the cube, with nothing obstructing it. That aside, the range/responsiveness is pretty good.

When turning the cube on, I almost always have to push the “on” button twice before it responds. Not sure if this is to overcome some sort of battery-saving sleep mode…? Every other setting adjusts with the first press of the appropriate button.

>CONCLUSION: I would recommend this cube to others, and I see myself probably buying more at some point. It does what I wanted it to do, it does what is advertised, and it does it all reliably with only mild gripes. A solid product.

P.S. There was an issue with my cube when first received, and Mr. Go’s customer service responded in about an hour with a completely satisfactory solution, even though the problem was determined to be Amazon’s fault. EXCELLENT customer service.

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  • Elegant and Stylish Design
  • Rechargeable LED Light Cube Stool Waterproof
  • Romantic Decorative Lighting
  • Durable and Portable
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