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LED Headlight Bulbs

LED Headlight Bulbs
LED Headlight Bulbs

9005 LED Headlight Bulbs High Beam 1:1 Design HB3 Headlamp 10000 Lumens 6500K White Extremely Bright LED Car Headlights

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So initially I bought LED Headlight Bulbs brand I previously installed in my second car with fantastic results. The bulb type for high and low in both vehicles is the same (a 2015 legacy and 2008 suburban) however the suburban has more frame/superstructure behind the headlights so the heat sink on the other bulbs even the low profile ones dont fit. They hit that support and extend roughly a 1/4″ beyond making it impossible to adapt and you dont wanna cut into it. So I returned that set and bought these

While they do stick out slightly more than standard bulb plugs it’s not much and they fit- barely but they fit and locked in!

I’m sure as LED tech gets better the heat sink options will get better but for a great bright bulb with just a little clearance to work with go with these!

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  • Cooling Style LED Headlight
  • Most vehicles plug and play
  • Temperature Color
  • Polarity free
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