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Layered gift box prank

Layered gift box prank
Layered gift box prank

Hallmark Nested Gift Boxes with Lids and Fill (Set of 3, White and Gold, Assorted Sizes) for Weddings, Bridal Showers, Bridesmaids, Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays, Valentine's Day

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I thought the design of Layered gift box prank looked pretty in the picture, however, there are several hole punches at different places all over the bag. At first, I thought the holes were for the rope tie that comes with the bag to cinch it together. But that is not the case. I can’t figure out why they are there, and it is unsightly. It ended up pretty much looking like a garbage bag tied with rope. Not worth the money. Not to mention, it smells really unpleasant.

I love this paper because it is heavy duty. It does not rip easily, which is great when having to wrap bulky gifts. It is printed with a nice design on the inside of the roll of paper as well as the outside, which actually gives you 2 choices of wrap per roll!!! That is so smart and shows that hallmark is thinking about the customer! Couple all of this with AMAZON PRIME AND FREE SHIPPING, what is not to love. Thank you!
Sincerely, Mrs. Saddler

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Layering gift boxes is a popular prank that involves creating a series of increasingly smaller boxes, each containing the next, until the final box is opened to reveal a small and often humorous item. This prank can be a fun and creative way to surprise a friend or loved one, and it can be especially effective when the final gift is revealed to be an Amazon product.

To create a layered gift box prank, you’ll need a series of boxes in a range of sizes, some wrapping paper and tape, and a small Amazon product to serve as the final reveal. You can purchase these items from a local store or online through Amazon or another retailer.

Once you have all of your materials, you’ll need to wrap each box in the series in wrapping paper and tape it shut. You can use any wrapping paper you like, but it’s often more effective to use plain or generic-looking wrapping paper so that the recipient doesn’t get any hints about the final reveal.

Once you’ve wrapped all the boxes, you’ll need to stack them inside one another, starting with the largest box and working your way down to the smallest. Make sure to secure each box with tape so that it doesn’t come apart when it’s being opened.

When the recipient is ready to open the gift, they’ll need to unwrap and open each box in the series, starting with the largest and working their way down to the smallest. As they open each box, they’ll be greeted with a new surprise and will likely be eagerly anticipating the final reveal.

When they finally reach the smallest box, they’ll be excited to see what’s inside. This is where you can use an Amazon product as the final reveal. You can choose a small and humorous item, such as a tiny stress ball or a mini deck of cards, or you can opt for something more practical, like a pack of gum or a pair of socks.

Regardless of what you decide, the recipient is sure to be delighted by the surprise and the creativity of your layered gift box prank. Just be prepared for the possibility that they may try to one-up you with their own elaborate prank in the future!

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