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Laundry Balls For Dryer

Laundry Balls For Dryer
Laundry Balls For Dryer

Kikkerland Hedgehog Reusable Dryer Balls, Set of 2, 1 EA, White

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Laundry Balls For Dryer is very nice product. Not only are these dryer balls super functional, they are also completely adorable! I have used dryer balls for years with loads of towels so I don’t have to use dryer sheets (which coat the towels over time and cause them to become gradually water resistant – totally not a helpful trait in a bath towel).

I also throw them in with loads of sheets to help prevent the fitted sheet from eating one of the pillow cases and thereby preventing said pillow case from actually drying (because it’s all balled up in a corner of the fitted sheet). I still use a dryer sheet when I dry my sheets along with the dryer hedgehogs, but the hedgehogs are super awesome at keeping all the various sheet pieces separated from each other.

I personally use 4 hedgehogs instead of just two because I think it works better for bulky loads. Probably if you were just using it with a load of clothes two hedgehogs would be fine.

Also, did I mention they are super cute?! I almost can’t stand how freaking cute they are. So totally glad I bought these instead of just the generic dryer balls. Love ’em!

Promised Review by Jaydra
  • Softens fabrics naturally and reduces static
  • Save money and energy
  • Set of 2 hedgehogs
  • Measure 2.5 by 2.5 by 3.5-inch