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Laptop Stand For Bed

$29.74 $34.99
Laptop Stand For Bed
Laptop Stand For Bed
$29.74 $34.99

Soundance Aluminum Laptop Stand for Desk Compatible with Mac MacBook Pro Air Apple Notebook, Portable Holder Ergonomic Elevator Metal Riser for 10 to 15.6 inch PC Desktop Computer, LS1 Gray

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What a great laptop Laptop Stand For Bed accessory, and it fits Mac and all Windows models of laptops, from 10″ to 15.6″ widths. Mine is a 14″ Samsung and it fits like a dream. It’s everything the description and photos promised, plus incredibly well-packaged in molded packing foam. For me, a laptop riser is a “must” have: 1) for ventilation/cooling of the laptop undercarriage, and 2) proper elevation of the hands for comfort and typing. Unlike my flat, criss-cross riser, this one is actually not only ergonomic but a beautiful work of simplistic art with a higher elevation that allows eye-level access to the screen, just like a regular, computer monitor. No more neck bending. It comes in a beautiful, soft rose-gold metal (very neutral) with a matte, slightly textured surface (no shine!), well-constructed, and very sturdy with fantastic rubber grips on the base of the riser to grip the desk and also where the laptop rests. For added protection, there’s a lip guard that keeps the laptop in place and from sliding forward. I live in California earthquake country, and since the unit raises the laptop 6″ off the desk surface, I feared it might easily tip over. However, the riser is so well-made and the rubber grips are so solid that the unit feels almost suction-cupped to the desk. And the laptop is just as firmly gripped on the riser. My house would collapse before my laptop tipped over. Win, win.

I just knew from the description and photos that it would be outstanding, and it is. Pretty and extremely functional with ONLY 3 WELL-CONSTRUCTED PIECES TO SLOT TOGETHER. [Note: Technically, the bottom piece can slot into either side of the riser, but only one side slots smoothly and tightly into the correct notch without being forced. If it feels even slightly forced, just switch sides.]

Not only am I on my laptop all day (so having the screen virtually at eye level is a huge plus), but I’ve never been able to type on a flat keyboard without some slant to it. The elevation and tilt of this riser is perfect for viewing AND typing, although it did take a bit of adjustment to have my hands 6″ above the desk surface; and the height ratio between your desk surface and seating has some impact on the tilt and comfort level of your hands and shoulders. For me, this elevation will be more beneficial (restful/comfortable) for my hands and eyes than my flat riser.

If you are at all interested in a laptop riser — personally, they are heaven for me — then this is one you should not pass up. I have absolutely no complaints or issues with it. Although the manufacturer is unfamiliar to me, I wouldn’t hesitate to get more of their products based on quality, workmanship, aesthetics, and functionality. GREAT PRODUCT! [Note: My photos show the entire assembly and post-assembly process plus the simple directions.

Promised Review By Cynema
  • Universal compatibility fits all laptop 10’’ to 15.6’’
  • High quality with aluminium alloy design
  • Open design provides more natural cooling air
  • Comfortable ergonomic design for your body
  • Underneath space to keep your keyboard
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