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Lap Holder For iPad

Lap Holder For iPad
Lap Holder For iPad

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I have been on the lookout for the perfect Lap Holder For iPad for my tablets, and this is the closest to perfection I’ve found. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but then, there’s really nothing else quite like it on the market.
I’ve tried several lap stands, and what they all share in common, is instability. I have a bad case of carpel tunnel and need a lap stand that can bear almost all of my tablet’s weight and hold it upright securely, so I can swipe and poke the screen without any wobbling. Apparently, all of that is a tall order for a lap stand, but this one manages to do the trick.
Flipy is basically a triangular piece of foam with ledges on all 3 sides for your tablet to rest upon. Each of the 3 sides offers a slightly different viewing angle and I’m partial to the one that holds the tablet almost completely vertical. The foam is covered by a soft fabric with a zipper closure. The fabric feels soft and a little velvety. There’s a lot of loose fibers and threads from the factory, but nothing that’s a deal breaker. I wish the zipper pull tucked away better and remained more hidden, but that’s just my personal preference. As it is, it’s sort of in the way for my taste.

Promised Review By JJ
  • 3 different viewing angels making it unique
  • soft and lightweight and protect your device from hard touch
  • Anything device can fit over it
  • New generations tech
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