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KITE For Kids

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KITE For Kids
KITE For Kids
$19.99 $29.99

HENGDA KITE for Kids So Beautiful Butterfly Kite for Outdoor Games and Activities Single Line Kite with Flying Tools

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This is an amazing KITE For Kids . I bought it as my first kite after 28 years to have some fun during the COVID-19 stay at home period.

The kite is capable of flying in low wind (I can get it flying in 6 mph wind in a city park in Phoenix AZ). It is not stable in turbulent wind (low altitude). I highly suggest purchasing a long string (400+ ft) for it. Once it reaches high enough altitude, it flies gracefully for hours.

It is also very easy to assemble (takes one minute) and the material and build is sturdy for the price. I have been flying it almost every day for the past month (approximately 25 assembly/disassembly cycles) with no significant degradation to the kite.

I highly recommend this kite for kids and adults.

5/7/20: A couple of weeks ago, we had stronger winds in Phoenix (between 15 to 20 mph). The kite flew erratically and after 40 minutes it came down crashing. Upon inspection, I found that one of the plastic rods that act as the skeleton had ripped the stitching that attaches it to the wing.

I was able to easily fix it with a simple sawing kit. My observation is that the kite flies stably in wind speeds of 6 to 15 mph. Once the wind gets faster, the kite starts vibrating (flapping) too hard which causes too much stress on the kite.

If you are considering using this kite in an area with winds faster than 15 mph, I suggest reinforcing the stitching proactively before plastic rods lose their support.

I have been using an app called the Windfinder to monitor the wind speed and wind forecast and to plan flying the kite when the wind speed is between 6 to 15 mph.

I hope you enjoy flying this great kite.

Promised Review By Leo Mercury
  • Kite flying is a funny outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by all ages
  • The eye-catching color, concise pattern and fine workmanship allow the kite to stand out from the crowd
  • Flying the kite is undoubtedly an entertaining activity for both kids and adults
  • Give your children the best memory to fly the kite
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