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Kitchen Step Stool Folding

Kitchen Step Stool Folding
Kitchen Step Stool Folding

Rubbermaid RMS-2 2-Step Steel Step Stool, 225-pound Capacity, White

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Kitchen Step Stool Folding is the very nice product . I’ve owned my fair share of foot stools. I purchased the Rubbermaid to replace another brand that failed while I was standing on it. Most reviewers say this is a very nice foot stool. I agree.

Some reviewers negatively commented on the latch being loose. See attached photo 2. I put on my engineering hat and decided this is by design and is a safety feature. When the stool is in use the latch hangs loose about 1/8 inch away from the cross bar.

If for whatever reason the foot stool will start to fold while you are standing it the latch will engage the cross bar and prevent it from folding. The weight on the top step is supported by the cross bar.

The failed stool that I replaced had a latch that looked similar and was tight, but the integrity of the stool depended entirely on the latch.

Unknown to me the latch had become misaligned and the stool collapsed while I was standing on it. A couple of curse words and the trash can took care of this one.

A nice feature of the Rubbermaid is the height of the “handle” which could aid in keeping your balance if the stool is not in front of a wall or cabinet. An example is changing a light bulb in the middle of a room

This Rubbermaid step stool appears to be constructed decently and should last a reasonable amount of time. Keep in mind like any other foot stool for household use it is just that. If you need something for daily heavy duty use then buy a quality ladder.

Promised Review By Justin Buyer
  • Durable and lightweight 2-step steel stepstool with large steps
  • Large non-slip, non-marring feet
  • Weight capacity of 225-pounds (Type 2 ANSI duty rating)
  • Slim profile for easy storage.Reach Height:8 feet