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Kinetic Wall Art

Kinetic Wall Art
Kinetic Wall Art

Project Blueprint Galaxy Kinetic Art Science Kit by Toysmith - Science Toys - Desk Decor (Packaging May Vary)

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Kinetic Wall Art is very nice product. I purchased one of these toys for my desk at work as something to look at when my day gets a bit too stressful. It was pretty much exactly what I expected from reading the reviews–the whole thing is made of plastic, and I am sure that the metallic coating will flake right off of the rings with not much abrasion, but come on people, what do you expect for the price! 🙂

Do not be afraid to play with the adjustments on the piece to get it to work however. I had it set up for a full two days and had just about given up on making the continuous motion element work, when I read another review that said that they had to set the distance between the base and the triangle further than they expected. I made that adjustment as well, and voila, it is working away like a charm. I would say that the distance between the base and the triangle for my unit is closer to 1/4″ than the 1/8″ they suggest in the instructions.

Also, for those folks who have commented about turning it off–you are right, there is no off switch. Once you put the batteries in, it is going. To stop the power drain, you will have to remove the batteries. However, if you simply want to stop the movement for some reason, just take the pin out of the hole in the base, and that should effectively “turn it off.

Promised Review by Melise Gerber
  • Spin the cone and set five metallic orbits in motion, creating kinetic art.
  • Perfect for children with an interest in science and astronomy.
  • The stand measures 11.5-inches in height, perfect for display on a desk or tabletop.

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