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Kids Building Toys

$24 $33
Kids Building Toys
Kids Building Toys
$24 $33

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! 100-Piece Deluxe Building Set, STEM Construction Toy Set, 100 Pieces, Ages 3+

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Kids Building Toys is very nice product. Wonderful, creative, innovative and fun toy! Pieces go together easily and hold tight. This is truly learning through play. My grandson and I have had a lot of fun with Gears! Gears! Gears! And he is 5 years old.

Because he likes the beginner set so much, I will purchase more, so we can expand his and our discoveries. Have recommended this to many family and friends. I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed.

First thing my daughter-in-law said was, “oh my, look how much easier the parts are to put together compared to Lego!” Yes, my grandson enjoys Lego sets, but much too often the adult is putting it all together and the sets that are larger and would be easier for him to manage are much too “babyish” in his view. Plus, with Gears, Gears, Gears you can choose to build items they show, but there is a much larger span of creativity being done by the child.

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  • Different every time you build, this versatile
  • Supports STEM by introducing children to sorting, grouping, counting, designing, constructing
  • Boost fine motor skills while promoting reasoning and problem solving as children
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