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Keychain With Picture Holder

Keychain With Picture Holder
Keychain With Picture Holder

Acrylic Snapins Photo Keychain - 25 Pack

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Keychain With Picture Holder is very nice product. We used it for a mother’s day craft for our daycare – ordered a lot of them. The size is big, which probably isn’t practical for most people to actually put on their keychain, but it gives a lot of room for the photo or craft, so I’m sure everyone will put them on their key ring at least for a short while.

Its difficult to figure out how to get the face plate in correctly, but once you get it they all snap in quickly. You have to look closely at the tabs on the top and bottom of the acrylic plate that goes into the frame portion…. the edges of the tabs sit slightly closer to one side than the other…. the side that the tabs are sitting flush against is the side that goes closest to the picture/paper that you are pitting inside the keychain, and you have to put the bottom one in first and then snap the top one in.

Once you get it in its difficult to get back out – but you can if you really bend the acrylic (almost to the point you think you will break it). Out of the 300 we ordered, maybe 10 of them were a bit defective and we couldn’t snap the face plate in because of some sort of odd shape to the tabs…. overall that’s pretty good I think.

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  • Can hold up to 2 2×2.875 photos, one on each side or insert a kids drawing or monogram
  • Make your own photo keychains in a snap, it’s super easy to assemble!
  • Perfect for professional photographers to use at events or teachers to use as craft projects