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Keyboard For Ipad

$21.99 $23.99
Keyboard For Ipad
Keyboard For Ipad
$21.99 $23.99

Nulaxy KM13 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Sliding Stand Compatible with Apple iPad iPhone Samsung Android Windows Tablets Phones Keyboard - Silver

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I started off using Keyboard For Ipad as intended, for my iPad and iPhone and it connects without issue. The holder seemed a little flimsy at first, but it functions very well. I thought it would need to be wider, but it works just fine on my iPad Air. No problems with double key input or anything of the sort. There’s a button on the keyboard and in the instructions you need to press to use it with either Android, PC, or Mac, so once you set it you’re done. It has more options for PC than Mac as some of the shortcut keys don’t support opening apps. I would guess that’s due to Apple security and not the keyboard

Anyhow….on to my second use. I paired it with my Smart TV and with Dish, and it worked for both. No more remote type typing for me. This makes it a breeze to search thru Netflix or Amazon Video or Youtube. Slight problem when I want to use it for me iPhone or iPad again, but I find just turning off the TV or the Dish resolves the issue. I have 2 Macbooks and yes, it’s not quite the solid feel you get from a built in keyboard, but the convenience and price more than makeup for that. For what they cost, I could just buy one for each unit and wouldn’t have problems with the pairing at all. Lol

As far as battery life, I don’t have a determined amount of run time, but I just flip the off switch when I won’t be using it and back on when I need it. It also has a sleep mode it goes into when it’s not used for 10 min’s which will help with battery life. The indicator lights are a little tough to see, but I rarely look at them any more….ON is on and Off is Off. If I’m typing and it’s all in CAPS, caps lock is on… brainer.

Overall, I’m happy with the purchase and would buy again.

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