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Keurig Coffee Maker

$168.45 $199.99
Keurig Coffee Maker
Keurig Coffee Maker
$168.45 $199.99

Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee, Latte and Cappuccino Maker, Comes with Dishwasher Safe Milk Frother, Coffee Shot Capability, Compatible With all K-Cup Pods, Charcoal

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I had a Keurig Coffee Maker from almost the time they first came out. A couple of years ago, I switched to a Nespresso machine. However, I did not enjoy the high price of non-reusable Nespresso cups and all the reusable ones were challenging with no less work. So, when the K-Cafe came out, I thought it was the answer to my needs. Here are my personal pros and cons:

K-Cafe allows you to use reusable K-cup with your own coffee which I love. This is a considerable cost saving and allows me infinite flavor and strength options. 4 shipments of Nespresso pods equaled the cost of the entire K-Cafe machine.

The K-Cafe has a larger water reservoir and has multiple size/portion settings The built in frother is dishwasher safe and works very well (although I read some reviews that it didn’t – I’ve had no issues). Importantly, it is easy to clean and is a fast as my Nespresso frother. Unlike my Nespresso frother, the K-Cafe frother will froth cold milk very well and does not leave a “skin” at the bottom of the frother like my Nespresso frother did when frothing hot.

The two biggest draw-backs are: the frother part is plastic – and am worried that if broken or lost, will cause an issue. Importantly, “NO CREMA” for the K-Cafe “Shot.” Because of this, I’ve not been able to get a nice creamy strong shot. I’ll be playing with the grind, but I believe it is more a function of a lack of the pressure that the Nespresso has.

So, in short, if you are a “kitchen barista” like me who likes lots of variety, the K-Cafe will more than meet all your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and specialty needs. However, if you are an espresso aficionado, you will be disappointed in the lack of pure crema.

Promised Review By Jennifer M. Monrose
  • Use any k-cup pod to brew coffee
  • Simple button controls
  • Large 60ounce water reservoir
  • The programmable auto-off feature automatically turns your brewer
  • Compatible with my k-cup
  • Universal reusable coffee filter
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